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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Back now

Well Christmas. What can you say?

On all arenas it seems that this time of the year is inauspicious, from the breaking of central heating, the difficulty of seeing a dentist to the catastrophic loss of life as the planet shrugs its shoulders. It is a strange thing to be a human and see so much and on so many scales, but to never be able to piece all these images into a comprehensive conception of the whole.

That is what I love about music. You can take two notes and call it the "whole thing". The Pythorians saw music as mathematics applied, mathematics lets us form worlds that can be explained, and leads us to believe that we can one day understand the complexity of our own world, as long as we keep putting the pieces together.

Music is the one place where any person can grasp all the elements at play and truly conceive of the whole comprised of the parts. If you listen properly. Discuss. (Not too heatedly.)

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