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Friday, December 17, 2004

New, old, stuffed

Well, no quiet bus into the office today for me, an hour's walk through the freezing morning rain instead. That is the price you pay for spending the last of your cash on food. If I did not have to eat, life would be so much easier.

Frictionless Bass is working herself into a state of excitement over her new bass, which is red I am informed. And a Warwick. Now when I was her age higher purchase was the only way a pauper could afford nice gear, now they all go on eBay to pick up 2000 year old monkey skulls cast in platinum for bobbins.

I believe that Frictionless Guitar is getting a new wah-wah peddle, although his groovy multi-effects gadget which he has been convinced was bust for the past two years miraculously started working again when he turned the volume up. Clever boy.....

Frictionless Voice would like to apologise for the recording he sent back with everyone for Christmas, he was full of potatoes. If anyone would like to know what a guy who has just stuffed his face with food and then tries to burp, belch and heave his way through some rock songs sounds like, drop me a line.

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