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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

They only went and changed the year!

Apparently they do that quite regularly.

Frictionless Guitar came back yesterday after his Christmas feeding and bath and seems to have mapped out his scheme for world domination pretty much. I sat in the pub and listened to his plan for rocketing us to stardom and I must say I was impressed. Well done that man!

Frictionless Bass has still not received her instrument and the "I want my bass" has become her mantra. Maybe she is going to start her own cult. That would be fun. If you have any ideas about what they should do, let us know.

I favor the wearing of togas myself, and the liberal use of mud wrestling as a form of theological discourse.


Anonymous said...

you have strangers watching you :P

Mr Frictionless said...

Its always nice to have strangers watching. There are a couple of them across the road in a white van as we speak. I think they got nice new telephoto lenses for Christmas.