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Monday, February 28, 2005

Playing for truckers in Dimension X.

What if we were used to performing on cruise liners and cross channel ferries? What if we were all old hands on the cruise/cocktail/cabaret circuit, how would we be different?

Frictionless Voice: Would weigh about 20 stone due to his belief that the consumption of vast amounts of chips it the only sure cure for sea-sickness. Would have more sequins in his wardrobe.

Any more ideas? Go on, don't be shy.

Interestingly enough we are listed in a sex blog directory. If the thought of us playing "We are sailing" in front of two German HG drivers does not set your imagination on fire you can always make it a floating deviant sex and fetish club peddling its evil perversions on the high seas.

Where we play "We are Sailing" to two German HG drivers.....


Frictionless drums said...

Frictionless drums would be drunk on rum, and sunburnt on one side of his face. His beat wouldn't suffer because he'd hold his hand still and let the rock of the ship roll him.

Frictionless Guitar said...

Frictionless guitar would wear a white sequined jacket with the frictionless man written in gold on the back, He would smile alot, have a massive moustache and drink bourban straight all day. As far as the sex thing. bring it on (although many many people are going to be dissapointed, nothing new there then)