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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Step 1: Call the cops yourself

I've been a busy bee today doing new posters for the gig. If anyone would like to give us a hand and put one in their window, email me at frictionlessman@yahoo.co.uk and I will email you one right back. Then you can bask in the warm glow of satisfaction that only comes from assisting the spread of ROCK through the world.

There is a new link down below for Taffpop records. Great site, have a look around. Immerse yourself in the wealth of Welsh music that's out there.

Anyone else want a link on here? Drop me a line and I'll sort it out. Come on, join in our emerging stardom, tell people you know the band personally, even if you've never met any of us!


Pete said...

Woohoo, I got a mention. Famous as fuck now. Come on you frictionless bastards, lets go and join in the fun at the BOTBs tonight. We should both be playing (not sure how that would have actually happened...) I know, but lets not our heads sag to the ground, nor be bitter, but drink 20,000 pints of guiness like all the other plastic paddy's out there (and the real ones). If not, keep up the good work. Lookin forward to playin with yas in the Green Baize...(!).
In a bit

Mr Frictionless said...

We were there old man, but missed you. Well done on the Songwriting award.

How's about a pint next weekend? Its payday for me and I'll be thirsty as an eel in a bag of salt.

Someone think of a venue. Not the Tavern though, we're a bit banned from there...