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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Two piece wig set for sale.

I only went and shared a plane with bloody Slade!

Myself and the Viking Princess that is Miss F Bass went to a Danish wedding over the weekend. In Denmark. Wonderful time, lots of food and slightly more drinking than was good for me. Oh dear.

We shared a coach with the Great British Karate team on the way to the airport, which I thought was kind of cool, and made me feel pretty safe. But then, as we strode to the boarding gate, I spied the lead guitarist from Slade, the mighty Dave Hill!

And then we were on the plane, and my voice went all brummy and I kept saying baby baby baby. I assume it was some fear of flying that made me do it. Not the presence of SLADE!

Wonder what they sound like nowadays? I'm tempted to go and get their new album "Cum on Letz Party!" I am sure it is a modern classic.

Four days until the gig on Saturday. We have Pete Wilgoss, Lickin' Chocolate Jesus, who F Guitar tells me played a great gig over the weekend, and the mighty Break Super 8 are gracing the stage as well. So a night of quality music is instore for you all. All for the measly admission of £2.00.

I have the feeling that is not the last time I will be typing that this week.

Even more news: We were on the BBC Radio Wales on May 22nd on Adam Waltons show. But none of us knew, so we all missed it. Anyone out there catch the show?

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