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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More activity. We were on the Volts Show last night, an internet radio station that only plays unsigned bands. There is a link on the left and down a bit, so go along, sign up for the newsletter and vote us into the top 20. There a lot of bands from around these parts on there, so go along and have a listen.

In the light of the recent events in London, and specifically the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, I will be organising an event along with Anthony from Satori, to try and highlight some of the issues that are being ignored and glossed over in the media and by our beloved government; namely the erosion of civil liberties and the spread of hysteria and misinformation. Details to follow. If anyone would like to assist please drop me a line at frictionlessman@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you.


rhysaurus said...

I'm definitely interested in helping out with that.

In the meantime, see here:




frictionless_drums said...

Abso fucking loutely. Good man. Perhaps get in touch with 'liberty' if you haven't alkready and see if we can get some support. They're involved in (among other things) the campaign against ID cards.

Also which song? I used to watch the volts show late night on C4 it was like top of the pops for the unsigned. How did they get a copy of our music?

Mr Frictionless said...

Thanks to the pair of you. Liberty is a good idea, I'll get onto it.

I sent them three songs last week: Car Crash, Night and Process of Me. Not sure which song they played, but they have playlists on the website so we can fins out when they update it.

Send me an email so I can have your email address, and I'll forward you the email they sent me.

Anthony Lewis said...

I'm really pleased at your enthusiasm for this - excellent comments from Frictionless Drums and the ever-resourceful rhysaurus.

I like the idea of an ongoing project and I will make sure that the new Satori website reflects this issue when it gets relaunched in the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully, after we instigate the first one, then other bands and artists will organise their own events under this particular cause.

We have a responsibility to do this.

rhysaurus said...

Yeah, it's a fucking sight more important than working in a goddam shampoo warehouse.

If we don't defend our liberty we won't have any left.