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Friday, August 19, 2005

I went to the Black Market that night, couldn't see a damn thing. Fell over.

I'm in the mood for building stuff, so I'm going to grasp that feeling and ask for building materials from all you good people.

If you've got any old electrical stuff that's bust, can I have it? You know, old radios that won't tune in, CD players that won't play anything, anything really. I fancy making something diabolical that goes "vvvvvvvvvvwwwuuGGGGHHHHHUGUGUARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!"and then conks out. For my sonic pleasure. If you find anything, tell me about it.

Does anyone know how easy it is to get the motors out of fridges?

And is it easy to make clockwork devices?

I was going home late last night, passed the Mega Owl, and we were surrounded by pimped up cars and imitation Burberry hats. How do they get their cars so shiny? Do they have to use a Burberry rag? Anyway their cars really had a handle on what mammoths farting in the Ice Age must have sounded like. Maybe that's the appeal; it reminds them of food.

I'm going to write a song about a creepy thing I saw yesterday, probably only creepy to me, but there was this car parked out of the way on my way home yesterday, this is earlier then when I went past the Mega Owl, and in this black Ford something there was this really pale lady, grey and white, and she was lying way back and there was this guy with ginger hair leaning over her. I immediately thought it was some kind of suicide pact, so I left them to it. But it'll make a great pop record in the style of Wham! or may Bucks Fizz.

Confusticate the whole bunch of yers!


satori battle drone (psychopath class) said...

I think your blog just got spammed. I hate those fuckers. Track 'em down and slaughter them (or contact your service provider).

Mr Frictionless said...

Bitches! Bastards! What were they thinking! Thank God I'm the one with the delete button.

Rhysaurus got spammed the other days as well. Not that he'll have noticed, I hear he has not got out of bed for two weeks now. If he's not careful it'll drop off.

satori pleasure drone (ooohsooobig class) said...

Yeah, I was going to mention that the quiffed one has been very silent lately. Apparently he is pretending to be the United States of America.

I'm going to get a cuff round the ear for the above comment.