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Friday, August 26, 2005

Lips and tongues and nipples. Economy sausages are good for you!

Here you go, not much to say but I thought I'd give you something. With the absence of half the band there's not much news. We should in the open mic night on Wednesday in the Office, and I'm trying to get us a gig in the Swansea Fringe Festival in October.

No record deals this week, no screaming fans, no groupies and no helicopters. But my mum's coming down from Liverpool on Sunday, so that's nice isn't it.

Morriston Burns is also coming to town tonight, and my liver is scared, so very very scared......

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morriston burns said...

Luckily we countered the effects of the alcohol by lining our stomachs with butter and sausagemeat, a well known home remedy.