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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Effectively unable to perspire whilst whistling.

Work again. And a bloody awful night's sleep to go with it. When I'm dog tired and really need it all I ever seem to get is about five hours of almost falling asleep and then being woken up by something. Anything.

So today I have been a bit of a vegetable with my mouth on conversational auto-pilot and my brain showing the testcard. I can't even think of something half interesting to look at on the the Internet, I just can't remember anything that would cheer me up or inspire me. The same way that whenever I walk into a record shop I forget what music I like, and when I walk into a book shop I cannot remember how to read and when I walk into a shoe shop I forget how to walk.

Came up with a nice chord sequence to make a song out of which will be good for the cornet to play on last night. Of course there's no need to hurry and cram the thing into the set before Frictionless Bass is comfortable, but I need to get the old grey cells working on something.

We're off for some dinner with Rhysaurus tonight, so I'm looking forward to that. I hope that I perk up at some point otherwise my own company is going to really bug me. I hate being boring. Not that you would know that.


satori sniper patrol said...

What's all this stuff about me being dead? Just because I wasn't wearing any shoes on the cover of the "open work" CD. If you listen to the lyrics of "red dress" you can just make out the phrase "anty is a walnut and sticks walnuts up his bum" amongst the dipthongs. According to my World Book of Facts this phrase hints at a Tongan burial ceremony for the dead. Scary or not? You decide.

On a more happy note I am hoping to arrange a gig with the Frickfolks for early February if possible so I hope that either I ring them or they ring me ASAP.

Satori recording sessions soon. The world holds its nads.

The Loose Moose said...

...and shakes vigourously.

www.thetruthseeker.co.uk now there's a website to entertain and while away the work induced boredom.

www.pvponline.com another firm favourite of course.

satori battle drone (xenophobe class) said...

Hang on a minute, PVP.......PVP? Botany Bay!!! PVP, isn't that something to do with little painted monsters and dice? I hate those fuckers!!

Fess up and reveal yourself for the geek you may or may not be.

I must point out that I read about PVP somewhere and have never EVER indulged in the deviancy of Warcraft or Warhammer or Mugwumper or whatever it's called.

I like proper games with proper shaped dice, counters and a board.


satori damage control drone said...

Oh yes, I forgot to mention The Truth seeker website.


On a serious note there is a very nasty strand of anti-semitism that runs through its editorials. Most of the stories are either highly suspect in terms of sources or just regurgitate a) stuff we already know and usually b) stuff we might be afraid of.

I get a really nasty taste of hoodwink from this site and I worry about its political motivations. If you want to find the TRUTH, whatever the "truth" is at any one time, then I recommend a good education and regular between the line reading of a variety of conventional newsfeeds. The truth seeker is, as far as I can tell, a bit stinky.

Mr Frictionless said...

You people spend too much time on the internet.

Yes, we will definately support you in the Tavern SAAARRRRRTTTTTOOOOOORRIIIIII, as Owen Money once said. And you're all from Wales as well! Ha ha ha.

Hughes the Booze said...

I'm glad that the satori battle drone (censorship class) isn't dead.

Firstly because I agree with the comments he has made about the Truth Seeker website, but mostly because I've been reading an awful lot of Iain M Banks books of late and can't help of think of his little shiny face every time I read a GSV or Drone's name...

morriston burns said...

Has he got a shiny little face? Yes, I suppose he has! I, apparently have a 'big' face, although I can tell you now that however big it may be, it was never used as a satelite dish by my school headmaster.

The Loose Moose said...

PvP is about computer games, yes truthseeker is plagued by the anti-semites I wasn't suggesting anyone read it for real knowledge, i can't post those sites on a public board lest 'the man' hears about it and closes them down. Also there's nothing wrong with funny shaped dice you big bald racist!

Mr Frictionless said...

Yeah, Satori Drone Boy, you're a walking, talking, singing, dancing, bathing, shaving, dressing, stressing, hopping (I'm sure I saw you once), shopping HATE CRIME!