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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Lordy, what have I done!

I've gone and made a blog.

What is a Frictionless Man anyway? Well, it is sometimes a band, sometimes a fellow and now a interweb autobiogrimfamy.

It lives in Swansea in the dark and sometimes appears in public. It has four heads, and many hands that roam at will. And it has a penchant for falling over early in the morning.

It will appear in the Inferno on Thursday the 10th of December, see if you can spot it. It will be the one making all the noise.

Now, how's that for a first post?


rhysaurus said...

I'll probably come and see you at the Inferno on Friday.

My story about the frictionless man has just been finished. The name of the frictionless man in the story is... Stuart Ross.

Of course.

See if I can get it published anywhere...

Morriston Burns said...

That would be very nice. Who is this Stuart Ross fellow anyway? I've heard he is ten feet tall, wide as an oxen and strong as a bull, with steel in his eyes and fire in his belly.