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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Sleeping on busses

Sleeping on busses is a rare skill that I am proud to announce I have nearly mastered. I successfully slept for ten minutes on the bus this morning and had a stimulating dream about talking to an Australian politician from inside a hot shower where I was enjoying an intimate liaison with his wife.

On another note entirely, and I can hardly believe that anyone could possibly not want to come, the Frictionless Man will be performing 5 (five) sonic delights for the edification and enlightenment of all this evening in the Inferno, which is a music venue inhabited by nubile young blondes bedecked in taffeta and silk who will dance for your pleasure and strapping country lads who have been chopping wood and grooming horses all day and make the maidens weak at the knees with the their rustic ways and well filled breeches.

And some nervous looking student types no doubt.

Right, must go and attend to that pile of logs out the back before attending to my other rustic duties.

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