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Monday, January 31, 2005

Every day is like a Friday!

Or a Monday, if you think about it. For me at least. And I am not going to explain why, because it really is not interesting.

This weekend was a good one. Saw bands, quite a few in fact, went to parties, had a lucky windfall and saw more bands.

Break Super 8, or 2/3rds of them, played lovely music for the ears and heart-strings on Friday and Sunday, and Frictionless Bass was of the opinion that it was the perfect music to go to school with. Is that hip? Don't know. And isn't she a bit old for going to school? When I quizzed her she responded by playing with her pig-tails, threatened me with her hockey stick and then went off in a sulk to do handstands against the gym wall.

Also saw The Caves on Saturday night. Really enjoyed it, the place was packed and the crowd was thirsty. Thank Caves. And here's a for tip Ms Campballs, if you ask for a double bum and smokes in a noisy bar that has a rock band in it don't be surprised if you get a double rum and coke. Which I thought was quite tasty, so it all panned out in the end.

That's a pleasant slice of life there. Onto business. Gig draws closer, the 5th February gig is for chuurity mate, only £3 to get in and the rugby is on after we play, so come along if you are a) a good person b) a rugby fan c) keen to experience the sublime delights of a Frictionless Man gig.

Also if you want to use the comment facility on this here blog please do, don't be shy. As the lovely person who commented on the Springer vs Whitehouse piece demonstrated, you don't have to be pleasant, inspiring or even interesting to contribute. The more the merrier! But stick a name or something on it or we'll never know who is saying what. Unless that is all part of you evil scheme, in which case scheme away!

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