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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Abuse therapy

Now I'm a sensative soul, I'll admit that. And doing a weblog where you actively invite people to comment on what you have to say may seem like a perverse step. In this case it is precisely what it seems - perverse. But even after this short period of time I can feel the benefits.

Anyone who has been reading the little debate going on down at Springer vs Whitehouse will see that some people tend to be abusive as opposed to constructive. Now I noticed a few things in some of the posts in response to my piece that made me think. The posts seemed to display the characteristics I have listed below, amongst others.

The respondant seemed to:

Have a relatively positive view of themselves

Have a strong need to dominate and subdue

Be hot-tempered, easily angered and impulsive

Be generally oppositional, defiant, and aggressive

Now I found these characteristics in Norwegian psychologist Dan Olweus's book "Bullying at School". Funny how they fitted in. Have a look for yourself.

It all got me thinking. Ever noticed how many comments posted on websites display these basic characteristics? Ever notice how the agenda or subject matter of the original post is rarely addressed in relative terms? Instead the personality of the poster is called into question leaving the subject matter itself relatively untouched?

It happens thoughout our lives. But there is a positive side to it all. If you have the ability to read and write and hold a conversation without resorting to demeaning your fellows and can remember what was said five minutes ago the wonderful world of constructive debate, intelligent conversation and mental expansion awaits!

The bully is perfect for perfecting your skills. Try to keep them on the subject! See how they denegrate you one minute and display the same behaviour the next! And try to work out what in God's name is running through their head!

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