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Monday, January 17, 2005

Following on....

Well, 3 new song titles later - One Cloud on a Grey Day, What Kind of Rock - What Kind of Roll? and Take me to the Car Crash I seem to have shaken off that little chunk of woe. And it neatly rounds off this batch of songs. For anyone who wants to know the set list for the next gig (5th February - Tsunami Appeal gig at the Inferno Swansea at 3.00pm - we've got to start somewhere!) will be:

  1. Take me to the Car Crash
  2. Mile High
  3. Night
  4. Queen of Nothing Wrong
  5. One Cloud on a Grey Day
  6. What Kind of Rock, What Kind of Roll?
  7. All Day
  8. Process of Me

The plan is to have another 8 ready for the 1st April so that we can play them all in the set, rather than bring them out in dribs and drabs. So far song titles run thusly:

  • Fears With Rivers
  • Three Flowers and an Axe
  • Box of Colors
  • Lets not ruin it now
  • Instructions for Lovers
  • Swollen Man
  • I'll be on the next plane home
  • Juiced Up and Broken Down

But of course they are all subject to change. We'll be wheeling all of these new ones out in a gig in April, so you'll have to wait until then.

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