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Monday, February 07, 2005

I blame it all on......

Here's a way to amuse yourself in public, find an innocuous activity that someone is doing and point out that it leads to a discredited political ideology. For example:

Find a person making mint tea and say:

"That leads to communism that does" and then wander off.

Someone in Kansas is obviously having the same idea, but I think he is taking it too seriously. At a recent public hearing to decide course content in Kansas schools, the Guardian reports, John James warned that the teaching of evolution led to nihilism, and to the gates of Auschwitz. "Are we producing little Kansas Nazis?"

Apparently this view was quite popular. Try it for yourself. Eggs cause Fascism, philately leads to Despotism and the licking of the residual cake mix from medieval mixing bowls led to the introduction of the feudal system in Europe.

Thanks to everyone who came on Saturday, and commiserations for everyone who missed it. We really enjoyed ourselves and the applause was much appreciated, as were the woos. I hope you were all entertained. Anyone who did not get the set list and is interested in the names of the songs this is how it went:

1. Take me to the car crash
2. Mile High
3. One cloud on a grey day
4. Night
5. Nothing Wrong
6. All Day
7. Process of Me

More new ones will be ready by the 16th February.

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Frictionlessbass said...

Blogspots result in racial inequalities

Mr Frictionless said...

Hats cause rain
And rain causes geese
Then hats cause geese.

Frictionless drums said...

But all geese migrate south for the winter, migration results in overpopulation overpopulation results in famine famine invariably results in aid.

we clearly have hats to blame for Bob Geldof.

Frictionless drums said...
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