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Monday, February 14, 2005

Well, its Monday and it won't be long before we are on stage playing in our very first headline gig, which is on Wednesday at the Inferno. Doors open at 7.00pm and we have guest acts in the form of Licking Chocolate Jesus and a Mystery Band which Frictionless Drums has organised, and he has yet to tell us what they're called. Maybe they don't have a name? Maybe it is all some elaborate farce?

We've got 2 new songs for you - What Kind of Rock, What Kind of Roll and Box of Colours which we have been working very hard on, like good rock n' rollers. The set-list is not finalised yet, but during my morning's "thinking time" - ahem, I came up with this one. Thoughts, if you wanna think:

  1. Take me to the Car Crash
  2. Nothing Wrong
  3. Mile High
  4. One cloud on a grey day
  5. What kind of rock, what kind of roll?
  6. Night
  7. Box of Colours
  8. All Day
  9. Process of Me

Anyone who fancies a sing-along for the end of Process of Me is cordially invited to the stage for the last chorus. If you can't pick it up on the night, write this on yourself so you can remember:

"Still going through a Process of Me" repeat until you feel sick. Or you are sick. Or I am sick on you, prompting you to be sick which in turn sets off everyone in the room. Which is not the ideal way to finish a gig, but would be something to laugh about in the long tedious years of life that wait ahead of us all.....

Anything else? Naaa. If you want a Frictionless Man logo for your desktop or something, email me at frictionlessman@yahoo.co.uk and I will send you one. There are two flavours, so who knows which one you will get.

Tatty hoo for noo....

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