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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Nuggets as big as chunks!

Plenty of days off for me! So I had better stick something down or you'll all think I'm more of a slacker than I actually am.

We had our first rehearsal since battle of the bands yesterday, and Miss F Bass liked it so much she went back to Denmark! Not that the two are connected, I'm sure.

At least I hope not. She was muttering something coming back with a long ship and bunch of Vice Kings to do some taping and pigeoning. Something like that.

We've got a band coming from Frictionless Drums' hometown for the gig on the 13th of April, who are called Status Anxiety. I personally think it should be Status: Anxiety, to give it a good bit of rock punctuation. But no one will tell me if it does or does not, so decide yourself. Just think of all the fun you can have.

"Are you going to the Status Anxiety gig?"

"No. I will be seeing Status: Anxiety. Status Anxiety always try to borrow money off me."

"I hear they used to be called Rum Fellatio and the Skirts."

"I have a severed head in my bath."

And so on.

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