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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Thank God I don't have fun anymore!

I have learned few things in my life. Of these few things only a small proportion can be classed as useful.

I would say that the one piece of wisdom I possess is this:

"Never ever joke about anything, ever."

Each joke I have ever made, every flippant comment, every cheeky aside, is out there waiting to come back and bite me in the arse. This weekend I had another pigeon come home to roost.

I had recently been approached to play bass for a local singer of some renown who had wanted me to play for her for a while. I said I would give it a go, not knowing that at some time in the mists of time I had told her drummer that I "only played jazz", which of course is a big throbbing lie, a joke, a laugh, a bit of what I once thought was "fun".

So I did not get the gig, because I had been stupid enough to be mucking around one day when I should have been behaving myself, and the drummer did not want some bloke in the band who "only plays jazz."

Of course nowadays I never joke about anything. I am always deadly serious. Honest.


Frictionlessbass said...
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Frictionlessbass said...

Or play the bass for that matter... Only bassists get to have fun and mock around, and only drummers get to be grumpy old gits (neither git nor old is a requirement though). Since you are neither at the moment (bassist or drummer) you are doomed to a life of misery... because that's what songwriters do... miserise that is... ehh..
Is that stereotypical enough? I'm not sure.

Mr Frictionless said...

Yes, that's about right. An idiot could take offence at it, so you've pitched it nicely.

Gold Star!