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Monday, March 14, 2005

"...probably likes Will Young. Fitting candidate for a sharp...."


Lets just say that we won't be taking part in the rest of the Battle of the Bands competition this year. I really don't know why. Anyone who loves Bon Jovi will love the final. If only I'd listened to Living on a Prayer whilst I was writing our songs, things would be so different.

Tonight I'll be doing an acoustic performance in Divas, anyone who wants to come along and cheer me up please do.

Drunk news: dancing like a tramp on the streets of Swansea looking the way I did at four o'clock in the morning clutching a half empty bottle of "Send 'em Blind" cider will make your friends ashamed and loved ones fearful. Try it! You might like it!


Bal Jovi said...


Bill from Okra here.
Divas was double booked and no-one noticed so the Battle of the Bands playoffs are happening tonight - our gig has been cancelled.

Mr Frictionless said...

Cheers old boy. I feel a great weight lifting....

Bal Jovi said...


This blogspot do da is pretty good - go to


Catch you later