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Friday, March 11, 2005

A band to suit your ever changing moods.

Nearly time for our contribution to the Battle of the Bands. What do you think is going to happen? Will we live up to out massive potential and sweep all before us, or will we crack like a cheap dam.

Suggestions for the manner of mental breakdown and who it will afflict are welcome. They might be a refreshing change from all this sanity that seems to be breaking out.

There will be a slight change of plans for Monday in Divas. Because Frictionless Guitar doubles up as Frictionless Fishmonger at a certain supermarket myself and Miss F Bass will be performing as an acoustic duo. Back to my roots and all that. I'll be doing a new song as well, depending on whether we get it nailed over the weekend, called Lucky Shoes. Its all about a person's drive towards rationality being hampered by superstitious relics. And it also has the word umbrella in it.

So in the next few days you will be spoiled for choice. We truly are the band that keeps on giving.

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