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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

There's always the smell you know....

We're in the Inferno tomorrow night as a warm up for our Battle of the Bands heat on Saturday down in the Student Village. We've been working hard to polish these songs up so hopefully it will all pay off.

I made the mistake of looking at a picture of Zabriskie Point in Death Valley today, and now I'm getting a dose of wanderlust. I suppose I shall have to put my sturdy shoes on, go for a ramble in the Gower and stare at some scenery for a while to get the creative sap flowing, or at least some form of sap flowing.

Not that I would count myself as a pastoral composer, I think I have always been more portrait than landscape. I think the fresh air and maybe the smell of a bit of greenery would be cheerful. And I have a picnic basket.

We're also going to be playing on Monday, somewhere. It all depends on whether we win on Saturday. If we win we play Divas in the University for the Socialists, who I am sure are not called the "Socialists" but have some other appropriate nomenclature. If you know who I mean please tell me, no one else will.

However if we come second we play at the "Best of the Rest" competition with all the other runners up. And if we lose we play for the Socialists anyway. But we will be reek of the stench of defeat.

How can we lose the smell, what can we do?

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