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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Horsey horsey trot trot

Day 1 of recording done!

That was a long day, I slept right through the snooker and the unveiling of the new Pope when I got home. But it was good even though I was suffering a little. Can anyone guess what was up with me? I've left a clue somewhere in this post......

We got all the drum tracks done and a reasonable vibe going in the studio. Which was great until F Guitar decided to expand the sensory parameters of the session by contributing his very own fragrance to the proceedings. Not much fun being the singer, stood next to him and taking in great lung-fulls of air when he decides to eject his guts.

How we laughed. I say laugh but I mean cry. I say cry but I mean vomited.

Today: Bass.

Another thing - have a look at this here:


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