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Monday, April 18, 2005

I wanted dissonant lurching, but I got mellifluous sidling.

Today we enter the studio, the maiden voyage for the Frictionless Man. I’m not there because I have to present my sorry carcass in the office, so Mr F Guitar, Miss F Bass and Dr F Drums are in there by themselves, acquainting themselves with the studio. Since we have time on our side its great that they can go in and not have to buckle down from day one. Instead they can buckle down from day two instead.

I love recording, I love the process and the ritual and the excitement of sitting down and listening to the playback. It is one of the only things that I can think of that satisfies that “lust for certainty” that plays a part in the creative process. When its done and you listen you finally know what it all sounds like.

Of course the best bit about recording is making copies and distributing them to people. There are not many feelings quite like walking into someone’s house or getting into their car and hearing them playing your music. It’s like getting “extras” on your executive ego massage without having to pay for it.


satori coms drone said...

What a brilliant gig at the inferno. FrickMan are a superb, unique, gorgeous and original beat combo (to use the parlance of the street gangs). I particularly liked "what kind of rock" and a song about the "deep of the night" (was it?). Everyone played superbly and Stuart is just the sort of Nick Drake that you'd allow to look after your kids whilst you pop out to the shops for half an hour. Personally I would avoid anything over 30 minutes because he'd get all the toys out on the floor and eat all your fruit. Brilliant vocalist but crap babysitter. Is what I say.

satori coms drone said...

Any chance of a link to altjazz when we re-launch in May? Reciprocation (obviously) is what I say. All the time. Apparently.

satori coms drone said...

Obviously I meant Nick Cave and reciprocity. It was two in the morning. What can I say?

satori coms drone said...

Actually it was ten minutes to one but it felt like two.

Mr Frictionless said...

Who's grammar is repulsive?

Of course drone, tell your master I will reciprocate. Beautifully.

morriston burns said...

That's funny, I have a lust for UNcertainty in the creative process. But then I do like a bit of spontaneity (especially on Tuesday and Thursday evenings).