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Friday, April 15, 2005

Never ever EVER try to be funny.

Well that was a hell of a good night, I am pleased as punch. Everyone who played were fantastic, the crowd were good and there was a lot of them. Not bad at all. Thanks to everyone.

Now all we need to do is book another, hopefully this will be a weekend so everyone can stay up way past their bedtimes.

We're going recording on Monday, so soon we will have an EP for you all to put on and bop around the house to, or maybe do the dishes, or scare pigeons, or shave your legs or shave someone else's. Either way it will be Frictionless Man caught in amber and preserved. Maybe one day a scientist looking suspiciously like Dickie Attenborough will extract our musical DNA and create a bunch of Frictionless Men to populate his theme park, who promptly break out and cause all sorts of havoc but be singularly unable to kill a pair of really irritating kids.

Dead cert I reckons.


Pete said...

Yo! Great night, thoroughly enjoyed. Cheers for lettin us play with ya, always a pleasure (always? first time really, weren't it? - well, may there be many more).

Thanks to Okra and Status anxiety n'all. Seems like everyone involved had fun, didn't it?

Where does your brain go, Jonny Frictionlegs, when you put your fingers to keys? Balmy as a bag of spiders innit.

Faaackin ell. Tell next time eh.


Pete said...

P dot S dot

Do I get a free EP, please?

Pete said...

P dot S dot

Do I get a free EP, please?

Mr Frictionless said...

Does that mean you want two of them, one for each ear? I'll see what I can do.

And how did your post-gig activities go old boy? Satisfactory I presume.....

Anonymous said...

my god your grammar is intentionally repulsive