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Friday, April 08, 2005

I demand satisfaction, but I can't get none.

Well, shiver me timbers! Its Friday and I'm off to sleepy London village with Mr F Guitar, esq. Little does he know it, but I am in the mood for speaking pirate all the way there.....yar.

Last night we saw the Manic Street Preachers in the Brangwn Hall, Swansea. It was a bloody good show, very slick. What can I say? I'm bloody deaf now, that's what I can say, and I say it too loudly.

But back to the main subject - irritating my guitarist whilst he is driving. Now some people might say "Hold on there Mr Frictionless, he may just leave you in the middle of nowhere if you wind him up too much" to which I can reply "Who are you? How did you all get in here?" and they will have to explain themselves, during which I can quietly slip away and not have to worry about what they said.

But of course I won't be doing anything as awful as that really, I will be as good as gold and make polite conversation all the way there. Otherwise he might be inclined to crash the car into a wall out of sheer spite.

Nearly gig time - Wednesday 13th April! I hope you have all got your best Morris dancing uniforms ready because we will be ditching our usual programme for a series of traditional English jigs and reels, played on authentic instruments. Whilst this is going on we will be dumping vast quantities of leaches onto the audience, releasing a swarm of wasps and only serving sherry at the bar.

All of this is subject to approval by the Pope. He said he would be calling soon to confirm it all. Have not heard from him though, hope he is alright...


rhysaurus said...

What's your new address, Mr Frictionless?

Are you going to be around next week?

Mr Frictionless said...

I will send you an email old salty, turn on your electronical mail-o-tron.