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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I feel illusioned and enfranchised with the system!

A month until voting day then. I wonder if anyone will come a knock-knocking to see if they can rely on my vote on May 5th? I wish someone would. I wish someone would make the effort to tell me what their party is bleating on. I'll vote for anyone if they could just make some sense and not treat politics like going shopping.

So, if there are any local politicos reading this, which I am sure they are, come over for a cup of tea and tell me about the common agricultural policy, the benefits of public private partnerships and just how screwing the world for oil and cash and slaughtering thousands of innocent people, or turning a blind eye to genocide and atrocity on all scales makes my life better.

Not that anyone will, who wants the struggling musician's vote anyway? I do not think we form a key demographic in anyone's constituency. I also have a semi-detached worth £250,000, two kids, three Jags, a German Shepherd and a holiday home in Budleigh Salterton.

Now I sit back and wait....

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