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Monday, May 09, 2005

Now that is a quality sandwich.

We got the first listen to the fruits of our labours in the studio on Saturday, and I was very pleased. Apart from a few basic level issues it sounded great. And that was only one of the versions we will be getting. I feel rather blessed I must say.

It did set me off thinking though, as most things tend to. The level issues were simply that the vocals were quieter than the guitars and the bass was relegated to a sonic supporting role, which is not really how our style of music works. But it did not sound wrong, just completely reprioritised. It is strange hearing music where the sounds you were expecting to be prominent and central are moved to the periphery and the focus shifts somewhere else. It made me wonder how people perceive out music, what is it that they latch on to, what gives them their way in. I also pondered why I feel it is rather impolite to ask this question of someone who has listened to a piece.

Gig Wednesday. Still do not know when we will be playing. But come along, it is £2.00 to get in and you get a free CD with all the student's work on it. Or is it that you pay£2.00 for the CD and get in for free? I know that you have to pay £2.50 to ask the bar staff for a pint of Stella, but you get the pint for free. And I need your applause to validate my performance.

This morning I saw six dogs.


rhysaurus said...

Hello Mr Frictionless. I want to listen to your CD. So sorry for not making it to the Monkey last Wednesday.

Are you and Miss Bass free sometime soon?

Mr Frictionless said...

Hello old biscuit, don't worry about not getting there. We were cool, but I'm sure we will be cool again.

We are doing a bit more mixing tomorrow so it will be a little while before CDs are available, but when they are by golly you can have one!