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Friday, May 06, 2005

Puritan's Disco - dress to repress.

I'm not going to mention it. Still, we won't have Blarism for much longer I suppose. Although Brownism does not sound so nice either.

What's to say? I had a lovely walk into work this morning, sun, birds, no tigers. It put me in a very good mood, and I am attempting to carry that good mood through the whole day. What do you think the chances are?

The song will be finishing this weekend is on the subject of tension, or at least that is the intention. Working title is Slam the Door, and is inspired by my toilet door at home, and a cafe I was sat in last weekend and all the gardens we passed on the train to Liverpool. So there, a little bit of information for you. I give.

I have listened to the Okra CD and I rocked heartily (I am an air guitar king, a goddamn KING!) It is very good driving music, just in time for the summer. What clever boys they are. I just wish I could drive. Oh well, I'll pretend in the backgarden. Brrmmm. Brrrrmmm, brrrrrrrrmmm.

Anthony, Satori's lead throat, reminded me to put the set list on the tinterweb so people will know what the songs are called. This is what we will be doing on May 11th and June 11th.

1. One Cloud on a Grey Day
2. Car Crash
3. What Kind of Rock What Kind of Roll
4. Night
5. Box of Colours
6. Mile High
7. All Day
8. Nothing Wrong
9. Process of Me

So now you can match up the number with the song title and have a vague idea of which one we are doing, because you can't rely on me to tell you, I'm too busy being all passionate about my art, and flicking my hair in that way that the girls like. Ho ho ho.

Have a nice weekend.

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