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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Recording finished! I know its a bit after the event, but there was a bank holiday weekend, and I was not near a computer and and and and...

It went really well and I'm excited about hearing the results. We will be hearing it all some time this week hopefully, so I'll let you know, because I know you're interested.

We will be playing at the Monkey on Wednesday 11th May. Not sure what time, so you'd better turn up at 7.00pm to make sure you catch everything.

The gig in Divas was good fun, a really big change from recording and a chance to get out a bit of nervous energy. Not that we could hear whether it was actually any good or not, because there were no monitors! Everyone said it was great, but then they would if it was, wouldn't they.....

No more news. Boo hoo.

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