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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Garden Snail Soup

Just for once I would like to feel less like an accident that won't stop happening and more like an eagerly expected event. Yesterday I managed to break F Bass' lovely acoustic guitar through an act of utter stupidity. I left it leaning on a chair. And over it went and crack went the headstock and I feel sick just thinking about it. So, along with having to muddle through the next three months on £91 per month due to a newly found debt that needs repaying I have to get the guitar mended as well.

Of course without the debt I could afford it to get it fixed. But because of the debt I was going to go out busking to make some extra cash. And to go busking I need the acoustic guitar, which is now bust. It all seems so pointless.

So there we are, nothing particularly band related, just a great big whine.

Not that its all bad. The weather is good, we're not starving and there are some gigs in the diary. But that won't take the taste of doom away. So why don't one of you leave a nice uplifting comment? Go one, all I taste is the doom. Will no one take the doom away?


rhysaurus said...

My uplifting comment is:
Doesn't that make you feel a bit better?

Anonymous said...

I can make you both feel more uplifted by poointing out that I HAVE NO JOB AT ALL!
Which means I'm too broke to put up with the idea of being a useless part of society...
Have A Nice Day!

slithy_toves - I tove slithily...

Mr Frictionless said...

Schadenfreude: the Universal Tonic.

You've both shown me the way; deadbeats I salute you!