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Friday, July 01, 2005

The cold fish fell on stony ground.

Had my eyes tested yesterday and it turns out that, providing I am wearing my contact lenses, my eyesight is so good it has no practical application. What a strange thought.

Went to the poetry night at the Dylan Thomas Centre last night as well. Rhysaurus and the Satori Reply Pod both read poems. Don't think they enjoyed it much though. I liked their contributions; they were stimulating and evocative. But some of the other readings really failed to engage me at all, I did not feel my soul or mind stirring. That said they all speak damn fast these poets, so I'm never really sure what they're going on about. I did catch the end of the featured poet and he was damn good, so I missed out there. Too busy gassing by the bar. Again.
There is a good chance that we will be taking part in this year's Uplands Festival. Not sure when but I've had a word with a mate, so we'll see what happens. More details when I have some.

I'm determined to cook myself something nice tonight, I need the tender love of hearty food.
Despite not being a vegetarian I have developed a very good vegetable mousska in the key of F major.



morriston burns said...

Do you use aubergines or potatoes, as apparently poor Greeks would use potatoes as they're cheaper. But then you're not a poor Greek are you? Not a very good one either, I know....

Mr Frictionless said...

I use aubergine, seasoned, oiled and grilled.

They were selling aubergines at 1.49 a kilo in a certain cut price supermarket the other week. You get a fair amount of "the 'gine" in a kilo.

I'll have you know I was drummed out of the Greek army for being such a poor Greek. I wear that fact like a badge of idiotic pride.

morriston burns said...

Good for you! I only ever use aubergines, hang the expense! God, a potato one would probably turn out like some kind of freakish Greek hotpot. Fuck potatoes, fuck them in the eyes!

Mr Frictionless said...

Ahhh, Freakish Greek Hotpot, on Polygram from 1982 to 1987. Very big in the former USSR. Humphrey Littleton liked them as well.