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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Save me from: any/all/some

Seems that Frictionless is catching. I found this today: http://somesort.blogspot.com/

Had a fair amount of Polish home-brewed vodka yesterday and this morning I can't say I enjoyed the walk to work as much as usual. Oh dear. But there is nothing I can do about I suppose. Grin and bear it.

Mr F Guitar spent a good time telling me what all of my songs are about last night. Its strange how people view things so very differently. But now, in the eerie silence of the Tinterweb I can say, without fear of interruption...NO!

I'll pay for that I'm sure I will.

Over on the The Caves' forum the flame war continues. I feel dirty for drawing it to your attention. But then I am a dirty dirty man.


Andrew said...

I (my blog) has been found!
The concept of the Frictionless Man that I was implementing, was one of a character in cartoon, or if time permits, animated form, detailing his daily woes.

My Frictionless Man concept will possibly be highly un-musical. I imagine an actual Frictionless Man would have difficulty with most instruments...

Dave said...

But you do know that in time everything gets turned into a musical, so expect in about 10 years - once frictionless man has a movie and a tv series or a book I Got No Friction: The Frictionless Man Musical

It will be a Broadway flop of course, but that's another story.


Mr Frictionless said...

Will it be on ice? Will we close on the opening night? Will Rick Wakeman be involved?

If so all of my dreams will be coming true.