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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Where were you?

There’s this thing called the Internet, and it seems to be the result of an infinite number of monkeys with computers. And some of these monkeys are definitely bad monkeys. I was over on The Caves forum today, and there seems to an awful lot of angry people floating around in the electronic ether. Any chance to get up someone's nose, and inter-nostril they go. Why is that?

On Saturday we went to the pub. It was a glorious day; the sun was shining and the birds were singing, Miss F Bass had proved, again, that she is much cleverer than I am and all in all things seemed to be as they should. At least that is how I remember it now. And then Mr F Guitar started to go stark-staring mad in a reasonably low-impact but faintly sinister way, especially when he became fixated on pornography involving snakes. I say it was demons, he says it was the release of all his exam stress. No one ever accepts it when I use demons as an explanation. Why is that?

After the pub we spent the rest of the time with some of F Bass's aquaintances, including the irrepressible Pete, who some of you will know as "that announcer man" at all our gigs. Pete dredged up a load of Jack Daniels for us from somewhere, so I salute you Pete. I fell into conversation with a fellow called Mick, at least I'm 92% sure it was Mick, about quantum physics and finally found out what dark energy is. You learn such interesting things in the wee-small hours when you're full of the booze. Why is that?

So now you'll be wanting to know what's next for the Frictionless Man. We've got a gig in Lindon town hall in the Forest of Dean on the 15th of July and another on the 19th of July, which will be a Graduation Special, in the Inferno in Swansea. Hope to see you there. We should have the CD ready by then, or so I am told. But the they tell me so many things I wonder what I can believe. After that I think we will be spending some time learning our new material ready for a renewed assault in August or September. Now, if anyone wants to give us a gig, or if they want a support band, then please let me know. We would be pleased to perform for your pleasure.

The summary then: figs.

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