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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Try for the carny, but make sure you hit the svengali.

What a nice day that was. Frictionless Bass got graduated and I was so proud. Its a hell of an achievement getting a 2.1 in English and Philosophy when your first language is Danish. Round of applause.

The gig was pretty good, and thanks to everyone who came along, hope you enjoyed it. I confess that I'm never quite sure what people think of the whole thing, probably because I'm such a suspicious fellow. But I'll salve my creeping paranoia by replaying the applause in my head over and over again. Of course if anyone wants to cook me fish and chips by way of a reward I think I'll be convinced. I like mushy peas as well. And chocolate ice cream to follow please.

We'll be going a bit quiet until the end of August now, but don't worry we'll be returning with a bunch of new songs and hopefully a bit more skill at playing them.

Another band for the pot:

Underwater Postal Workers Union: cold ham with mustard, wicker basket optional.

Any others? Email me at frictionlessman@yahoo.co.uk

Go on, I like to read.


frictionless_drums said...

Yes congratulations. Some times i think there aren't enough Danish. Then I realise it's because they've been coming over here and shagging all our men since the days when braids and big beards were the height of mens fashion. Thus dilluting the stock.

Comparisons to disparate obscurity we bear little real relation to:-

The electric peanut hoovers: antique-wave, post-industrial, misc. verb to the adjective geno flectro.

Mr Frictionless said...

I had their double LP from 1969: "We Wanked to Puskin". Ground breaking stuff, especially the twenty five minute monotone freakout "My Page Is Stuck" and the inspirational "Hairy Palm Shuffle".

Heady stuff indeed.

Frictionless_drums said...

Some of my favourites too. However the demo recording (from 1967) of the rarity 'yank my youghart shooter and free it of satans syrup' has one of the best climaxes in recorded history

morriston burns said...

Try a bit of mint sauce in your mushy peas; it's lovely, in fact the first time I tried it I nearly shit my canoe!

Mr Frictionless said...

But you would not want to put mint in your canoe and shit in your peas.