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Monday, July 18, 2005

What's my motivation? KATANGA! Is that right?

I confess to being a slacker last week, hence no updates for days on end. But I let the news build up so I can spread it a bit thicker.

We've been potato printing for our CD covers, and they came out pretty well. A collectors item in the making I'm sure. We went down to Lidney (someone tell me if that is right) on Friday to play in the town hall for Frictionless Drums' friends. It reminded me of where I grew up, out in the country, surrounded by fields and farmers. And the crowd were as warm as you would expect; ie. they knew that we "baint be fraam rownd 'ere" and stayed rooted in their seats until the Red Hot Chilli Peppers cover band came on. Bless!

Thanks to Status Anxiety for clapping and woo hooing. They played a good set after us, and hopefully they will be coming back up to Swansea again soon. F Drums, that is a job for you.

Morriston Burns came over on Saturday, and as I write this I think he is still wedged into the corner of the sofa. He managed to eat, drink and smoke himself into a coma Saturday night. It's like entertaining one of those barbarians of the popular fantasy genre, or feeding a bear. But its always gratifying to have someone ask for seconds. I get all matriarchal.

The Satori General System Unit came over on Saturday as well, and we got to "share secret tapes" at each other, which is a new experience for me. They've got some really good material waiting out there, just you lot wait and see. Remember the name SATORI.

And yes, he is quite right, our new material is damn good.

It is Frictionless Bass and Frictionless Guitar's graduation this week, Frictionless Guitar today and FB's tomorrow. Tuesday night we will be having a gig in the Inferno, so come on down and get on up and get down again. Licking Chocolate Jesus and Pete Wilgoss will be there, so there's enough to keep you interested until we get on and get out and get up and down. I have been listening to the Licking Chocolate Jesus CD as well this week and it is freaking-beef milk-shake-crazy. Its called Boys in Love and I love it.

What else can I tell you? Oh yes, I remember. From now on when someone asks what the Frictionless Man sounds like, make up a series of bands. That should help matters.

Here are a few bands and what they sound like to get you started:

Freakish Greek Hotpot: quasi-astronomical post-crank-thunk

Hobo Fist Fight: Proto-grime-freak-mode infused hillbilly-lake visitors.

Text-book Solutions to Accessibility Issues: Seattle bus service with a hint of Splosh.

Southend's Monster Cocks Do Damage: Wagner vs Copeland - all bets are off.

Any others, throw them in.

See you all tomorrow night then. I'll be the sexy one in white standing at the front bellowing at you. Hard to miss.

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morriston burns said...

I found a couple of new bands on the scene:
Slow Worms Do Fluoride: Post-structuralist proto-satire.

Feel the Phone Book: Neo-basic patio flume barking.

Desert arse sprites: Semi-slug, crack-breeding felch-crock with a touch of murder.

They're all going to be the next big thing apparently, according to the N.M.E. None of them are a patch on Swamp Monkey Hairpiece though, who are kind of juxtaposed cream-stomp face-smart bleak-face interstellar troubador spice-freak mountain pole maim-jazz, but played in a boil-speak style and rended to the max!