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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Snodgrass checks Hall to see Jacob turn Louis.

We had our first review in the Tunetown Magazine. What conclusion would you draw from "If you like the Strokes you'll like these"? At least he professed to like the Strokes. Are the Strokes any good? Would I like them? Or am I going to be incandescent with rage when I hear a Strokes song because my pride and joy has been compared to a bunch of cack-handed gobshites? The suspense is unbearable, I hope it never ends.

One week until the Inferno gig, which will be our last for a while, so come along and get your fix. We'll be getting a web site soon, with bells and, I am reliably informed, whistles. So there's something else to look forward to.

If anyone has an old barn or garage out there which we can rehearse in, can they let me know?



morriston burns said...

I've got an old barn, but it's very far away in the land of Merlin. Is that too far? Also, it's a bit scruffy and you probably wouldn't want to use it in the winter as it leaks. Sound tempting? It is free to friends (£100 per hr to you).

Mr Frictionless said...


satori attack drone (murderer class) said...

Typical bloody Tunetown. If in doubt mention a band you've heard of. It seems to me that when a pea brained reveiwer comes accross something fresh and new, then they get a bit wobbly and have to have a sit down, all the time thinking "I only know the bands I know, I only know the bands I know".Don't get me started.

On a good note, I got to visit F bass and vocals at their HQ and listened to Frick Man worksd in progress (being a close personal friend allows me close personal access to Frick Man secret tapes) and what treats are in store for you all. "I give you nothing you want more" is one of the finest songs i've ever heard; actually all the new stuff is great. DOES NOT SOUND AT ALL LIKE THE STROKES EVER AT ALL. Bloody provincial pea brained local fanzine writing head up his arsehole unable to recognise originality gitwizard equals can't be bloody bothered tunetown sleeper drone.

rhysaurus said...

I think they sound like The Strokes -- and I've never heard The Strokes!

In fact I think they sound like ALL the bands I've never heard.

At the same time.

Mr Frictionless said...

Played backwards, in a Triumph Dolomite, half way up Mont Blanc. Pissed on Perno.

Mr Frictionless said...

Pernod. Ahem.

satori repair drone (fickle class) said...

Was it Rhysaurus who wrote the review? You see, I didn't actually read the review; I just assumed the worst and unleashed an attack drone on a punitive raid. If Rhysaurus wrote it then I also think you sound just like the Strokes and agree with everything he said regardless of accuracy. My band sounds like the Dagenham Girl Pipers (especially the two in the front with the pom poms).

Mr Frictionless said...

No it wasn't Rhysaurus, but someone else entirely. Now we're in his gig guide with the epithet If you like the Strokes you'll like these.

On the one hand it might encourage people to turn up but on the other hand it just makes us look like another one of the surrogate bands that are choking music these days.

Not that I really really really mind, they can say what they like, only I know the truth.

But why can't they ever say we sound like a band that I like or know? Frictionless Bass' dad said I sound like Jim Morrison, like Morriston Burns did. So that's nice.


morriston burns said...

Roadhouse Blues! Do I get a prize?

Mr Frictionless said...

Don't know, see if you get this one as well:


morriston burns said...

Young Americans! Now where's my goldfish?