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Monday, August 15, 2005

A small post today; I'm a busy boy, yet dedicated.

Great gig on Saturday, if you missed it you've probably done yourself a grave disservice. We met the lovely Freezerburn as well, who played great and were nice people to boot. With any luck we'll be setting up a gig swap which will mean a trip down to sunny Southhampton.

Hello Freezerburn, hope you got back in one piece.

Additional news: myself and FricGuit did some jabbering on The Volts Show last night, which made us feel dead cool, like rock stars or something. If anyone else wants to swell our egos further get us to talk on your radio show. Go on.


F guitar said...

Hi stu some more bands for you

Spracturnal:- new york chaz, with a hint of thyme and lemon, over a dysfunctional dirge

the spin off

noctacle:- guzumptious tenor death metalist choir boy pop anthems, twined with underated muso bosch
hammer drill jazz.


Mr Frictionless said...

New York chaz! Nice.