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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Then we gathered round and taunted Tchaikovsky until he cried.

What a great gig that was! Wonderful music, great musicians; all in all a brilliant night. I have not left a gig feeling so cheerful in ages, but that was a great experience. Many thanks to Old Man Burns for getting us the tickets, and thanks to Neil and Kate for taking us to Bristol and being lovely company and thank you to Ollie and Jo for also being lovely company and thank you to Anthony for only enjoying 60% of the gig.

I have started a frictionless man myspace page at www.myspace.com/frictionlessman and although I have not got any music there, go along and make yourself at home. And then be impressed that I have Bjork and Billy Joel as my friends. We go back a long way. The three of us served in the trenches together in 1916 until Billy copped a Jerry bullet in the arse and Bjork got shot for being a deserter.

I decided to join the air force and I became a flying ace after only flying three missions was unfortunately shot down on a fresh spring morning as I was dog fighting at around 700 feet. I crashed deep behind enemy lines and was taken captive by the Hun. They shipped be back to Berlin where I was handed over to a secretive society of Egyptian cultist who took me to Cairo. What they had in mind for me I did not know. But I could not have guessed the extent of their evil scheme.

To be continued......


Hughes the Booze said...

I don't know what you're complaining about, we only entombed you for about 80 years. The embalming process wasn't that painful was it? (Well, apart from that bit where we deposited your internal organs into four separate jars of course... I really hurt my finger when I trapped it under one of the lids. Took ages to heal, that did).

Anyway, you returned from the dead to become the flesh-eating ghoul you always wanted to be, so what's your beef?

Mr Frictionless said...

The embalming process was not that bad. Not when compaired with the violent sodomy that you all insisted was necessary.

What I couldn't work out was why none of you were interested in sodomising me. I just supposed it was a "Cultist thing." Like the moustaches and the hot pants.

satori mail pod said...

I liked best the stuff from WAnt TWo and I really liked "Poses" (which was the one that he fucked up in the middle. My problem was that his voice, regardless of its beauty, can become a drone after the first 45 to 50 minutes, which is why I prefer to listen to the albums. I think Rufus is best in 15 minute bursts (or so his boyfriend might say). I also stand firmly and most erect by some of his piano work (especially the song about him and his sister at the piano, which I know is meant to sound like a piano lesson for children and that works very well and is quite moving when you are in the mood for moving)but I think he should use a better pianist live because he should. There.

And by the way, in case any body thought I was just bucking the trend of the Rufus Wainwright is God hero worship that everyone was chucking up, I can honestly say that I wanted to love him just as much as the next man/woman but I could not go all the way. I am still in love with David Byrne.

Mr Frictionless said...

Good points well put. I thought it was great entertainment and I was lulled into a very comfortable mood by it all. But I was yearning for bit of diction.

Hughes the Booze said...

Yearning for a bit of what???

And you accuse me of being a chutney ferret*, the cheek of it.

(*uphill gardner, marmite motorway maintenance man... insert your own metaphor here).

Tutankhamen's Willy said...

...and by the way, the reason we didn't do you too is coz we just didn't fancy you!

So there!!