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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

She looks like a squinting pigeon and then sick comes out.

We played a good gig on Thursday, despite me being a bit on the grumpy side. Not sure what it was, but the atmosphere seemed fraught and frayed before the gig, and the noises coming from the monitors on stage sounded like the unholy union of whale and submarine. Despite this the songs went well, people clapped and we sold 7 CDs! So it was all good. Satori were very good, as usual. Always a pleasure.

The bank holiday weekend was pretty chilled out after the excitement of the gig and its aftermath. Our friend Chief Engineer Saul has been staying with us all weekend, which meant that I hadto get dressed more often, which is a good stimulus to have. However, I have only a few pairs of trousers, and fewer of them do not have a hole in the crotch. Sartorially I am in crisis, and I think we will have to go hungry over May so that I can look a little better and not have my testicles on display, unless I mean to have them displayed.

But now I am back in work and it’s almost as if I have never been away. Over the past month I think I have only worked about 1 whole week, what with holidays and bad backs. Consequently I can’t quite remember what it is I do around here, other than not actually doing what I am supposed to be doing. So I shall cling to that and hope that the rest will become apparent in its own time.

Monica is currently reading Oscar Wilde. I believe any day now she will develop a craving for swan and absinthe and staring forlornly at the sunset. As long as she doesn’t start to resemble Steven Fry things should be fine.

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