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Monday, July 31, 2006

Oh Susanna what have you fried for tea?

The weekend is over and the excessive of consumption of tea begins afresh. This morning it was both warm, windy and wet which made it necessary to wear a coat but uncomfortable to do so. How strange is that? It’s like nurses driving forklifts and baboons serving lunch. Ludicrous. I shall have to write a strongly worded letter to the head of Radio 4.

We have been included in another webcast, this time in Chicago. In Chicago they have bears that play football on a field made from compacted soldiers and everyone has embarrassing digestive problems. I am a mine of information, a fully functioning mine with ponies, canaries and child labour.

The webcast is available to download from here:
http://anarcheologist.blogspot.com. We were on on July 12th so you’ll have to scroll down a wee bit. Our host G was very nice about us and I’ve put a link in the “blogs” section on the left so you can go there and see what delights he has found for you. He obviously has excellent taste. I can tell mother we’re big in Chicago now….

Today is the day of the first Pomo Show, which you can see at www.thepomoshow.com. There is a track by the King of Despair in there amongst other things, so have a look and be entertained.

We had a very quiet weekend; we watched a few films and lay around eating chilli and curry. I also re-potted the parsley, following my success with the tomato plant and squashes. How’s that for rock and roll? The films we watched were Batman Begins, which we liked a lot, I ♥ Hukerbees, which we also really liked a lot and Batman Forever which had a rubber bat-arse in it and was not much fun. Whenever I see Jim Carey all my tendons get 10% shorter, which is very unpleasant.

We also finally came to the decision to leave the song “What Kind of Rock” alone for a while since we have been at it for ages and still have not got it right. We have not got much time before we need 90 minutes of music and this has taken far too long to get right and working on it makes us far too grumpy. Thankfully I have written some more songs already, so we shall plough on to the next one. So, providing nothing goes wrong we should still have two new songs for the gig on the 12th. And you can call me Graham if it isn’t so.

Gravity news: elms and oaks will be experiencing a steady decrease in gravity this week, so secure your nests properly and avoid tapas.


Hughes the Booze said...

Jim Carrey has this effect on everyone and he should probably be sued. Or shot.

Except for in "A Series of Unfortunate Events" where he played Count Olaf... that performance causes my tendons to stretch by up to three feet, making many of my limbs unworkably floppy.

Oh, and that one he did with Kate Winslet where he actually tried acting instead of gurning... that one's not too bad.

the loose moose. said...

there's more to mister carey than gurns and near perfect phsyical discipline. He is quite the talent. Also kate winslett is the hottest thing in or out of hot pants.

Mr Frictionless said...

He has good teeth, I'll give him that.

morriston burns said...

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is fuckin' brilliant, and I think that not only did Jim Carrey try to act, but he actually did, quite well. He's a pretty good actor really when he can stand still.