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Friday, October 27, 2006

The Vicar does not tell abortion jokes then?

Snooker is dull and sublime. Monica wants to be a car thief. When thinking about the minority of people in this world who make life utter hell for the majority of people or when thinking about the achievements of Beethoven and Mozart it is easy to feel insignificant. Feelings of insignificance can be very comforting when thinking about the size of things, if those feelings are embraced with gusto. Embracing with gusto is not advised when embracing people with brittle bones or who are made out of dried leaves.

We did not rehearse yesterday; we just frittered our time away and it was very nice. I made a tasty beef pie which we ate off our laps in front of the telly drinking wine. I did almost finish my new song, it just needs a few more words and it will be placed in the “done” pile.

We will rehearse over the weekend; I’ve set up the mic stand now so there is no possibility of not playing any music. I am also going to suggest that we go to the open mic night in Bar Co on Sunday to see what it is like and this time I intend to actually go.


Hughes the Booze said...

Embracing with gusto can occasionally incite flatulence from the embracee.

Be careful to quiz a potential embracee before launching the embrace. If he/she has recently eaten a large meal or is otherwise prone to wind then reduce the gusto-quotient of your embrace accordingly.

rhysaurus said...

How was Bar Co? Did you go?
It used to be the Lounge, didn't it?

grinderno1 said...

i embraced a person made of dry leaves once. he smelt like snails which dampened my ardour so gusto was most doubtedly lacking from the entire affair beyond my initial exuberance...

the loose moose said...

the chineese don't embrace. Police were recently stalking the steets and dispersing huggers. All to do with Some strange hug a stranger cult from australia.