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Monday, October 02, 2006

We all slurred "The Pope hates yooooo" with distaste.

We played in the No Sign Wine Bar last night with the King of Despair. We only arranged it on Thursday hence the lack of advertising. It was a really good gig, we played some of the new songs and let the older ones rest, they were looking a little weary. The sound on stage was really nice and the vibe in the pub was pretty relaxed so it was a very pleasant experience. Thanks to Paul and Dai for letting me borrow their acoustic guitar, a string broke on mine right after the introduction to Cloud, which was our first song, so I had to get used to a new instrument pretty sharpish. It was a lovely guitar to play so everything was nice and cool.

Incidentally, does anyone know what the best way to stop strings breaking at the bridge all the time? This is the second bridge on the guitar; the old one did the same too. What can I do?

We went out Friday night, work was having a leaving do in town and I press-ganged Monica into coming along. It was nice to be able to introduce Monica to some of the people who I spend so much time not getting to know. This must be the first time I have been out with the people from work in how ever many years I have been here. If I didn’t feel like such a freak when I'm with them I might participate more often, as it is their overwhelming normalcy and decency forms a repelling field which forces all imagination and wit out of my brain and leaves me looking and behaving a little like Nigel Planer wearing a two-sizes-too-small brown suit at a nudist’s funeral service, which is to say rather awkward. Not like a well known actor wearing tight clothes near a naked dead person. That’s not at all what I meant. Bloody hell.

Talking of the word ”Bloody” as I was falling asleep last night I remembered how much fun it is scatter a liberal number of “bloodies” around your sentences. Of course it does not make you sound too hip a cat, but I can get away with a lot in the safety of my own home. Hopefully the cockatiels will join in as well, and we can all start to sound like a Radio 4 play.

“I’ve lost the bloody bird seed”

“Bloody hell!”

“Bloody buggering cockatiel just spoke.”

“Bloody hell!”

“So did the other bloody bastard one.”

Don’t know when the next gig is, but it will probably occur when you least expect it. I know we are playing in the Dylan Thomas Centre on the 14th of December for the Last Thursday music and poetry evening. So you can put that in your bloody diary and remember to bloody well turn up on the right bloody day or you’ll look a right bloody fool won’t you, mincing in wearing your bloody brothel creepers, tarted up to the gills like a bloody boutique window squeaking “Where’s the band? Where’s the band?” but there won’t be a bloody band because you’ll be too bloody late and you’ll have got it all bloody wrong and you’ll be laughed at by the little gnomish doorman who will have been hired especially to point at you and laugh at your bloody stupidity, his little gnomish face all creased up and his gnomish hair all on end, laughing at your bloody idle minded bloody idiocy, you fool, you bloody fool.



objectintherearviewmirror said...

Well Mr. F. you appear to have survived your brush with normalcy and decency quite well. Bloody well in fact. However more encounters with such people might prove even en more bloody beneficial. Give it a try every now and then you never know what you might find.

Hughes the Booze said...

If your strings keep snapping at the same point near the bridge it may be worth taking the guitar into the shop and asking them to set it up for you. They will of course charge you for this service, but it may solve your problem.

Either that or you need a new guitar because your neck is warped... let's hope it's not that!

Mr Frictionless said...

The guitar got nicely set up when it had its headstock stuck back on and it does not look warped.

I was wondering whether it was the bridge piece itself, although I am beginning to think that maybe I just play it hard and often and those strings are only ickle.