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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

His kids like the Big Moosh.

Monday was an odd day. It was cold and drizzling when I walked to work and the walk home was dark and windy and not much fun at all. At the foot of our road there were three police cars with their lights flashing and a small group of people stood on the corner looking at the heap in the middle of the road, a blanket with a foot poking from under one end and some hair from the other.

I didn’t hang around to look; it did not require much examination to work out what had happened. I hurried home very quickly, with the irrational fear that Monica, the safest road crosser in the universe, might have been under the blanket. But she wasn’t, she was smoking a cigarette and talking to Marlowe and Maurice.

In the current climate, where whole bunches of people are snuffed out daily and continuously for a plethora of insane reasons the simplicity of a road traffic accident is readily comprehensible. It was easy to accept the basic facts of momentum and biology. Idiots do drive down that road too fast and people do cross the road without due care and attention.

Later that evening we went out to the Monkey Café and saw the Rag Foundation play. They were playing as a three piece again, which I have not seen for about 7 years. That was in the Monkey Café as well. A lot has happened in between, a lot of things have changed. Watching and hearing them on Monday night made me very happy indeed. The intervening years have been very interesting, with many an up, down and sideways movement. I was pleased to conclude now I am the happiest I have ever been, and getting happier. Sickening.

The Rag Foundation were fantastic. Seeing them as a three piece was wonderfully refreshing since most of my experience of them has been in their rock band form. I think the fact that my music has recently become so much more minimalist has made me a lot more appreciative of small groups and I found them more thrilling because finally I have learnt how to listen to what is there rather than what is not. That’s an opaque statement but there you go.

Hopefully I can book a gig for the pair of us. That would be a good night I think and also gives me the opportunity to benefit from their greater popularity, basking in their reflected glory. Just like Clive says I should.

Clive news: he has successfully avoided the cut on the second day of the Venusian Throttle Grafty Thunk Match Play Finals. He is currently placed 34th with 7 Nardles and a Crimp, well placed for a push into the top twenty in the second week. Why not pop down to your local bookies and have a flutter on him? He’s 33-1 at the moment, and he always performs well in week three, so you never know.


objectintherearviewmirror said...

I knew it. I am the only one who is. I suppose everyone´s gone to the Moon or Venus.

Hughes the Booze said...

Bit sobering when one sees horrible things like that, isn't it? Fear for the well-being of your loved one(s) is a perfectly natural paranoid response and, whilst completely irrational, should at least reassure you that you're normal and sane.

Whatever that means.

On the subject of normality and sanity; this Clive fellow you keep mentioning...

Hughes the Booze said...

...what does he say the traffic is like on Venus?

objectintherearviewmirror said...

Fear for the well being of loved one(s)? Oh yeah?

Mr Frictionless said...

Yeah? I don't understand. Someone decipher.

Traffic on Venus is light. They have a superb integrated transport system so few Venusians use private vehicles. The majority of those are driven by freelance hairdressers who are in high demand due to the rapidly changing Hair Laws which are both hideously complex and vigourously enforced.

objectintherearviewmirror said...

Sorry you had to see the apparent body in the street. The thing about death, if that is what you saw, is that it disturbs more people than the deceased. I mean the deceased is out of it. I hope that all those who knew him/her are at peace with themselves. The thing about death is that it is final and can come to anyone of us at any time in any place.

Mr Frictionless said...

Very true Objects old spoon. But, on the bright side, you have inspired me to make a film based on that very fact. It will be called "Lethal Death: Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhooo." I shall get Sam Peckinpah to direct, but fire him halfway through in favour of Mel Brooks.

Hughes the Booze said...

(s) refers to the fact that Mr Fricky may love more than one person. It is allowed. Fact.