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Monday, January 08, 2007

....then we all laughed about the banality of evil.

Rhys and I went out Saturday night and saw another “solid” rock band. That means that the last two gigs I have been to have been by “solid” rock bands. By solid I mean reliable. By reliable I mean dependable. By dependable I mean competent. By competent I mean etc. Another way to describe these bands is dull.

We spent a good two hours sat in the pub with these gurning strutting young men gurning and strutting and for what? These people have to rehearse these songs, that much is evident because they play them all immaculately. But rehearsals can only be an experience akin to musical filing and cross referencing. These are not middle aged rockers trying to recapture their youth and sounding woefully behind the cutting edge, these are young men who might be thought of as the cutting edge. Doubtful!

As far as I am concerned music has to be exciting otherwise it is not worth listening to. Not necessarily exciting in the way that a roller coaster is exciting, or a fist fight at a funeral is exiting, or strangling a spy in a Little Chief toilet is exciting, but it should excite the senses and emotions, not reduce the listener to torpid indolence.

Water news: I have been performing tests on our water system as prescribed by the Man from the Water Board to see if we have leaky pipes and it turns out that we have no leaking pipes. So we either have been using gargantuan amounts of water, someone has been stealing water from us or the meter is buggered. I think it is probably pirates or clouds stealing our water to sell to the Coca Cola Corporation to assist their nuclear research so that they can send sugared up space pirates to Mars to seed the Martian atmosphere with great brown clouds of their horrid cabbage juice. Only a theory but I think all the facts point this way.

The future of the world news: It would seem that a caucus of far right European ministers is being formed thanks to the accession of Romania to the European Union. There are now enough MEPs to form a far right wing multi-national alliance. It is good to see that no one has forgotten what happens when fascists, Nazis, racists and bigots get into power. Hopeless!


morriston burns said...

We already know that not everyone who goes to a gig wants their emotions stimulated; it's too scary. Most people prefer to hear something they are familiar and comfortable with. These people should be banned from music venues and forced to stay at home and listen to their own cds. Bitter.

rhysaurus said...

But it's not even a case of original exciting bands being thin on the ground in Swansea... There aren't even any unoriginal unexciting bands doing anything other than unoriginal unexciting soft rock and folk.

Where are all the unoriginal unexciting jazz, bossa, reggae, worldbeat, canterbury sound, avant garde, krautrock, bhangra, etc bands?

There is ONLY soft rock and folk, already unoriginal and unexciting as it is, doubly unoriginal and doubly unexciting in its Swansea context!

Mr Frictionless said...

Why, I'd give a kilo of broadbeans to see an unexciting Balkan Swing quintet.

Hughes the Booze said...

Little Chief: A chain of service station eateries run by Native Americans.

I want to eat in their Swansea branch whilst listening to an unoriginal Vietnamese yodelling quintet playing live in the corner.

Mr Frictionless said...

I wish that I had put that in there deliberately now. Very good, gold star.