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Monday, December 12, 2005

I've routed the fax to the in-tray, the in-tray to the out-tray and the out-tray to the shredder. My involvement is minimal.

I have heard a great bit of music from a band called Poq. Not sure where they are from, but I think they are from around here somewhere. You can listen to it on their Myspace page at www.myspace.com/poq. There are a couple of tracks, Disko is my favourite. Have a listen and then tell me how wrong I am in my musical tastes, so I can reply with "Geeertcha Fuckarrrf yooo Bollocks!!"

I have changed alarm clocks and I did not deal with it very well this morning. Once upon a time I would never dream of using the snooze button; I considered it weak and decidedly unmanly. Now I find that the snooze button is a vital piece of chronomatic equipment. With my old snooze facility I had nine minutes grace between sonic assaults. Now, with this wee bugger, I have a paultry five. I suppose it is for best. I got to work a whole forty minutes early today. How odd.

I'm going to book some gigs this week, I have decided. Don't know where, but they will be somewhere. Wish me luck. Or curse my name. It's a free country.

Shark Bra - Bras for Sharks!


The Loose Moose said...

does that mean you can leave forty minutes early too?

Mr Frictionless said...

For some it would. But for me, no. Because most of the people who work here sod off at 4.30, apart from the ones who go before that, someone has to be left to answer the phone. And that someone is me. Fools!

The Loose Moose said...

curses. still it could be worse. You could not have a spinney chair to spin upon.

Mr Frictionless said...


Look at that! Spin typing!

MonkeyChops said...

Good luck Mister Frictionless! I curse your name, and all who sail in you.

At work, I have so much time owing that I've created a brand new day to use some of it up (it's a perk of being in middle management; I make my lackeys take their owed hours concurrently). My new day is in between Saturday and Sunday and is called Satunday. It's length is dependent on how much time owing I have to take; the first one will be 125 hours long. Here's some of the thing that I'm planning to do with my time; I will

- alphabetise my garden
- hide in the undergrowth and growl at the postman
- shave my hobbit feet
- ponder and gesticulate
- surprise a castrato

Anyone else who has time owing is welcome to join me. Tea and scones at sixty seven o'clock.

Fridge Magnet said...

Fridge Magnet.

The Loose Moose said...

How deliciously absurd.

Mr Frictionless said...

Magnets for Fridges!

Hughes the Booze said...

I have saved up 1825 days' unused holiday in the last five years (do the maths) and would love to join you for tea and sardines Mr Tumnus.