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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Witch makes clean sweep with new broom?

What shockingly poor blog updating I have displayed. A whole week and nothing added. Poor show, very poor show indeed.

This week has seemingly flown by and most of it has been a blur. We saw Satori on Thursday night at the Townhill Campus of Swansea Institute. They played very well and it was a good night, the venue was a bit odd and the audience, on the whole, were a bit apathetic. I think if they made it a regular gig then people would take more notice, their sound is one that certainly grows on you, especially since every performance holds something new.

Mark came round to listen to us play today. It was our first perfomance as a duo, and we were both a bit nervous as this would be the real test as to whether this was going to work, but Mark really liked it! We decided to still record Car Crash, although Mark thought it was a lot harder to pick this one out since he liked them all. As a result I have been feeling rather proud of myself all day. Now we just have to work on getting it crisp and sharp so we can just go in and bash it out.

The next step is getting some gigs. Due to the nature of the music scene in Swansea I don't think this is going to be too hard for us, acoustic guitars seem to dominate in most places. But they don't play it like I do.....

Today the future is looking rather rosy indeed.


MonkeyChops said...

I once plucked the frets in a popular beat combo, many years before the band that I'm currently in (that some say rhymes with phatoaree, identity-guessing fans). Only we weren't very popular. And we didn't make any money, or have any groupies. Neither did we have any fun. Fortunately I wasn't in it for the fame, money, groupies or fun, but rather the soul destroying endless monotony of shit pub gigs playing the same dreary shite over and over again. Oh, sweet ennui (one of our better tracks, though the lyrics needed polishing;

"Oh Sweet Ennui,
Didn't know you were on the menui
There's never any choice anywaui,
Same again, barman, same again, la la la, line em up, barman, ride em out la la la redoute").

Um, don't let this put you off though, Mister Frictionless. See it more as a cautionary tale, a warning from history if you will. Or a threat.

Mr Frictionless said...

Oh Sweet Ennui,
I hoped we could be friendsui,
But you're obsessed with arsonui
You're too incendui,
For meui,
Or Louis,
And that's the recipe for making loveui!