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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I would like the Electric Ham Sandwich with Supernova Sauce please.

There is definitely a misconception concerning the internet. You put up a website as a business portal, source of entertainment, information whatever you like and add an email address to it so that interested parties can contact you about the site, or what the site is selling or the information you are displaying. Then somebody decided that emails were just a neat way to foist a load of advertising, propaganda, viruses and general shite at whomsoever has to open the inbox for the site’s email.

I mention this because when I finally activated the info email address for the Frictionless Man website all that we had received, bar a lovely message from John the drummer for Satori inviting us to his country estate for fun and frolics, was drivel. We got adverts for computer art packages and penis enlargement, various wives and other such excrement. Almost as if someone had done a big shit through our letter box. The mentality of it is staggering. I would like to find a responsible party and deliver them a disciplinary throttling.

In other news we finally did some rehearsing yesterday after retrieving the kick drum peddle from the Uplands Tavern. The Tavern is usually quite a secure place to leave stuff, I have left my old bass amp there for periods of up to a month and it has never walked away, much as the proprietor may have wished it would….

I also got my £40 from the back in a surprisingly painless few minutes. What a pleasant surprise that was. So this month, we eat! Hooray!


Hughes the Booze said...

My apologies for the lack of comments for a while, but I've been away. Now I'm back. Missed me? Aim harder next time.

Quotes for the Frictionless Man leaflet of Doom:

"Frictionless Man is better than a cheese spread sandwich at three in the morning when you're starving and there's nothing else in the fridge" - Mahatma Ghandi*

"Frictionless Man is probably the single biggest factor in increasing the size of my manhood. Just listening to them for thirty minutes a day has turned me from a fun size Snickers to a King Size Mars Bar" - Hugh Heffner*

(*NB - 'Quotes' as 'quoted' may differ in fact and content to things that these people actually said at any time)

Mr Frictionless said...

If there was nothing in the fridge, where in the name of God did Gandhi keep his cheese spread? That stuff is like anthrax if you leave it in a reasonably warm room for any length of time.

As for the Heff's manhood, I consider myself to have failed. The prime motivation behind our music is to make that lazy old letch get dressed.

Hughes the Booze said...

But if it works for Heff, it could work for anyone - why I myself have a simply enormous willy*.

But that's got nothing to do with listening to your music.

(*NB - 'fact' may not always be found to corroborate this claim).

Mr Frictionless said...

Monica's willy is quite disconcerting, as you might expect.